Introducing Amelie

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The season has changed, so do our fashion needs. Therefore, we are presenting you a new Fall Winter 2017 collection, Amelie. 

Have you checked them? Aren’t they cute, right? As you can see, this time we have some new shades added to the collection. While on our previous Pofeleve x Ucita Pohan collection we had Maroon and Etaupe as the main colors, now we have the Lint Green, Silver, and Hazelnut colors in the group. Lint Green and Hazelnut for Fall and the Silver for the winter. Also you will easily spot that the play of lines and stripes are still on in the game for this season.

Varied from tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, to the outers, this collection is classified into the classic and the feminine. The classic part is more content, practical, and versatile. While the feminine is more fun, easy-going, and confident. All of them are combined making a complete character of a girl who is independent, cheerful, smart, and presentable everywhere she goes, which we called her Amelie.

Amelie has been inspired from some fictional self-encouraging charactes from movies like Bridge Jones from Bridget Jones’s Diary and Amélie Poulain from Amélie. All of the characters are females who are kind, hard-working, and have their own sense of justice. Which is a great match with our #pofeleveattitude value. 

This time, we got a chance to ask the founders what is their most favourite piece from Amelie collection, and where will they wear them. Are they on the classic or feminine side?

Poppy Hanadhy

Being an active lady who has to work with many people, Ms. Poppy choose the Whitney Dress as her favourite piece. “I will wear it to evening formal events, it is comfortable and still presentable, why choose fashion or comfort when you can have both”, she said.  

Fe Utomo

Usually she is more into the classic practical piece like shirt and pants, but this time Frida Dress in Lint Green has been successfully steal her attention. She said that she will love to wear Frida Dress for her daily leisure time. Yes, running errands in dress, why not!

Helen Bellina

“Actually i love every single piece of this collection, its versatile. We as a dynamic women yet mobile on a daily basis activities. This collection represents how comfortable should be like. However, since i have to choose one  then the trophy goes to Charloz Jacket. I'd love to wear it from time to time and its so comfortable.”

Holy Veronika

Rather than choosing between Charloz Jacket and Lupi Blouse, Ms. Holy prefer to pairing them up as a set. “It will be perfect to pairing both of them for hangouts. Layering them both will be the best choice that I will do often.”

So, what is your favourite from our Amelie Collection? Well, whether you choose dress or a pair of tops and bottoms, remember that you will never fully dressed without a smile.

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Wait for the complete collection of Amelie soon.

Would you agree with Ms. Poppy that Whitney Dress is also your favourite dress? Also ask our customer care on WhatsApp for a secret exclusive color, like Black Marvin Playsuit, from Amelie collection.






Pofeleve Soirée

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On a Sunday Afternoon, after a pouring rain at a cozy two story café with a small backyard, in the front area of the café, with a group of see-through looking glass as a substitute of a concrete wall, we did a little gathering, our first Pofeleve Soirée (read: Pofeleve swäˈrā). Pofeleve Soirée is an afternoon gathering for a cup of drink, snacks, conversation, and fashion. The name Pofeleve Soirée is chosen because of the meaning and the word Soirée is rhymed with the word sore in Bahasa Indonesia which means the afternoon, the time of Pofeleve Soirée.

So this time we were inviting our friends and muses to come: Ucita Pohan, you all know who she is right, our muse of Pofeleve x Ucita Pohan collection; Shena Malsiana, the inspiring and creative woman in music, with a beautiful voice; Riezki Aisah, The Curvy Yoga Instructor, the one who inspires us to keep healthy; and our friends Debi Yanita, Dian Zahara, Triana Arief, and Vanda who had supported us from the beginning of Pofeleve. As conversation is the one main point in the Soirée, this time we had food and diet as the main topic, which will be varied in the next Soirée. We really had a great time. Starting with mingling, chatting, and giggling, the event continued into an #ootd session with Pofeleve.

As the sun goes down, after a couple of photo sessions, we start the sharing session about the personal food on regular basis and diet experience. Well, surely to keep your daily intake calories controlled and taking a regular workout is not an easy task. While everyone’s body metabolism are different, everyone has their own different approach when it comes to being healthy. Some people succeeded, but some still finding the right method. One point that all of us agreed on the discussion is that everything takes time, be patient, nothing comes instant, there will always be process. Get to know your body more, embrace the flaws, and keep getting better. Be confident, but never too confident!

Time flew fast, the sun has completely gone. It was an unforgettable moment and we wish to have held more soirée in the future. Thank you for all the guest for joining us, wish all of you keep inspiring all of us to love ourselves more by being confident, healthy, and appreciate the process. See you on the next Pofeleve Soirée!







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Welcome to the first post of Pofeleve Journal. Yay! So, what is Pofeleve Journal? We call it POsitivity Journal, means Pofeleve Positivity Journal. We will share with you twice a month like what happen around us, tips and tricks or life hacks that you will need in the lifestyle, a story behind our new collection, and many other interesting things. 

This journal will be a media to share the positivity around us and of course, to keep the #pofeleveattitude that will always be our first principle. Keep healthy, positive, and keep loving yourself. The first story will be a throwback of our last event Pofeleve Soirée. It soon will be posted. So, stay tuned!

We would love to hear what you think about this journal and what would you like to know that we might be able to share with you. Please kindly contact us through

Have a great day, Thank you!