The Launch of Pofeleve x Ucita Pohan Vol.2

Posted by pofeleve

It’s back to that time, we decided to bring back our beloved Ucita Pohan for a second collaboration. A little information about her, she is a radio announcer, a great influencer and an inspiring writer. This decision was brought about because not only do we had previously work with her, but because we want to explore and dig deeper into the personality of this energetic, amusing and talented person and how she brought about a change in both her previous work with us and life.

Going from that idea and green light from her, we are finally here. The idea and process of designing the outfits themselves are pretty simple. We brainstormed together through ideas and references. From sketching, selecting fabrics and making samples to the design.

The collection itself is the embodiment of who Ucita is, what she likes when discussing about all things fashion. It is filled with these vibrantly feminine colors which sparks the feeling of falling and landing on a cushion of clouds. A play with different types of fabrics, patterns and even down to the buttons so nothing feels boring and there’s always something to admire.

After all is well and done, 20th February was the launching day of the collection. It was still around Valentine’s Day and the collection is somewhat romantic in a sense. On that day we had private viewing, trunk show and our third Pofeleve Soiree as well. Pourie and Ruang Selatan were supporting this event.

It went warm amongst the guests when Ucita Pohan and Kartika Jahja were discussing about #SelfLove as the concept theme of the event. During trunk show, we used 8 models from different backgrounds, who represented the collection confidently as who they truly are. It was such an inspiring and marvelous event.