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IT’S SUMMER TIME! Get your shades on, be ready for Summer when the sun shines the brightest, bringing us the happy mood all day long. When we are talking about summer, what comes in mind are the sun, beaches, popsicles, floaties, shaved ice, flip flops, glasses, parasols, and also some new clothes! Be prepared for the excitement and joy of the Summer, because in this May, we come back with a new summer collection: Sublime. This collection will be divided into several phases, portraying the several phases of the season. So, here comes, the first phase.


The first phase - Collection Highlight

 It’s the beginning of the season, so smell of spring is still there, but we are starting to feel the Summer Breeze. Therefore in this phase, the stripe makes a comeback, also with the line details. Also we can start to feel Summer through the color, the color of the bright sky, blue; the color of the sand on the beach, khaki and cream; and also the color of the red cheeks in nude, pink blush, and rose blush color. Here is a list of the collection highlight to help you know this collection better. Are you ready?


The Lines

Line details are back in the collection. Emphasizing the shape of the clothes, decorating the empty spaces, lines are a great choice for an active summer activities. The repetitive lines, stripes, also back in this season. Well, we can’t imagine the summer without stripes right? Especially when it comes in blue and nude colors. Check out the collection with lines embellishment here

Also, when talking about lines, for the bottoms, track pants surely comes in our mind. If you like our best selling Tracy Pants from Frente Collection, you might love the new track pants, Trixie Pants. It comes with the same rubber belt on the waist, but with a side list detail. It’s also comes handy when you want to pair it with any clothes, such as a simple graphic tee to the semi-formal Shanice Blazer.

The line up: Prilly Shirt in Pink Blush & Cream, Trixie Pants in Black & Rose Blush, Jena Dress in Nude Stripes, Mimosa Blouse in Navy Stripes, Misha Blouse in Black  & Ivory

The Skirt

Nothing better to wear in the summer other than the flow maxi skirt paired with a simple top and completed with a comfy flip flops. The perfect pair for this Summer Getaway casual looks. Especially when it comes in stripes! Check out the stripes skirt, with the comfortable cotton fabric as the material and the adjustable drawstring in the waist, Claude Skirt on


The Black jumpsuit
When wearing dress doesn’t complement your style, try wearing Jumpsuit as another option besides wearing a pair of top and bottom all the time. Especially when it comes in black, how can we resist wearing it. Try Lindza Jumpsuit in Black for this summer. This clean, tailored silhouette will help you to look taller and the cotton rayon material will help you to be comfortable in your every move.

The Blazer
It’s been a long time since we had our last blazer in the collection and now this semi-formal piece is making a come back in the Sublime Collection. Isn’t it great? Let us introduce you to the long awaited Shanice Blazer. It comes in two colors, the classic black and the sweet rose blush. You can wear this versatile non button blazer for work to play, from day to night with no worries by pairing it with the right accompaniment. It even looks nice when we paired it with the track pants (Trixie Pants) in the same color shades. Let’s take a look here


Now, are you ready for the summer getaway? Get in the new mood with some new clothes to make your holiday even better. Pack the things and we are ready for the sweet escape! Have a nice day!