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In the cozy Friday afternoon, through the looking glass doors, surrounded by lovely plants and warm looking candle lamp on the table, we held our second Pofeleve Soirée, the afternoon gathering for a cup of drink, snacks, conversation and fashion with different topic of discussion as the theme. A little bit different from our previous soirée, this time in commemoration of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, we are collaborating with Generasi Muda Peduli for a new three months charity project called Give for Gift. As the starting point, Pofeleve and Generasi Muda Peduli are inviting our friends and muse: Ms. Artini Asputri, Ms. Michelle Maryam, Ms. Jane Tahir, Mr. Mike, Mrs. Mimi Kwok, Mr. Yusuf, Mrs. Ankatama Ruyatna, Ms. Maria Juliana, Ms. Irna Rasad, and Ms. Kiara Flisha to introduce and discuss more about #GiveforGift. 

The event is started with an introduction from Mrs. Poppy Hanadhy, Mrs. Fe Utomo, and Mrs. Helen Bellina from Pofeleve. Introducing about Give for Gift, what is the objectives and how to participate in the event. Give for Gift is a charity event which is divided into 2 phases, the first phase is from May 11th until July 11th, which is the months of the blessed months, Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, and the second phase is July 11th until August 11th 2018 for to commemorate Indonesia’s Independence day as the continuation of the first phase. A portion of the earnings from Pofeleve’s online selling in the 3 months time period will be donated to help funding the 1000 Ruang Belajar program by Generasi Muda Peduli, which has the purpose to build 1000 standarized and comfortable for the rooms future young generations to study and learn across the Indonesia, supporting the children to have a better education, bringing them a step closer through their dreams. As the addition, Pofeleve also open for IDR 125.000 donation in exchange of one #giveforgift pendant, therefore 100% of the earnings from the limited pendant will be added to the donation too. To get the #giveforgift pendant you can click here 

Then, after a short introduction from the Give for Gift program, Ms. Cindy Ozzie from Generasi Muda Peduli shared some story behind the establishing of Generasi Muda Peduli as a foundation. Started with several volunteering activites by little group of young people, Generasi Muda Peduli was born for the purpose to build 1000 Ruang Belajar as the first step to end the vicious cycle which has hunted us from time to time in a long period, which leads us to poverty and unemployment. So, to break the cycle, Generasi Muda Peduli (GMP) is trying to attempt the 3 Pillars Solution which are divided into education, economic empowerment, and the health lifestyle. For the education part, in each rooms, which has been and will be built, there will be new tables, 150 reference books, a fan, a laptop, a basic art and craft supplies, and other things which is necessary in the learning process. She is grateful for the support from all the people who cares and has made GMP make a progress in realizing their first goal in ending the cycle. It’s still needs some time to built the 1000 rooms, but step by step, they believe that someday all the children in Indonesia will get a proper education either in formal or informal ways.

While small steps might not seems to bring a change in the society, but if together, we believe and hope that one small action can produce endless ripples of kindness, consciously or unconsciously to all around us, Thank you for your support and we hope that #giveforgift will be a good start for Pofeleve in helping others who need a hand.

Give for Gift has been launched, and it can’t be possible without helps from Generasi Muda Peduli as a great partner for this program and Kis 95.1 FM as Media Partner. Also we got some support from our friends from Ilitho Press, Serasa Coffeetaria, Tandamata Apps, Pourie, Coalesce oils, Mars & Marion, and all of our muses and customers who made this possible. A big gratitude from us. Thank you.

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