Ankatama, Be The Best Version Out of You

Posted by pofeleve

Going to work on the Weekdays, especially in Jakarta, a traffic jam is not really an unusual sight. Starting every days with traffic might not be the best idea, but we just get used to it. Listening to radio is one of the best way to enjoy the traffics. You can gain information such as news, trivias, listening to your favourite music to brighten your mood, or get entertained by the fun jokes from the radio announcers. This time, we got a chance to have a chat about style, health, confidence, and many other things with the inspiring lady, Ankatama, which you may heard her cheerful voice greets you in the morning from the radio. 

Born with full name, Ankatama Ruyatna, this Aries lady who loves monochrome and pastel color is a mother, a wife, radio announcer, master of ceremony, voice over talent, and also a social media influencer. Watching her instagram page you will see a beautiful, bold, and cheerful lady who love jokes. However, who knows that Mrs. Ankatama has her own soft and sensitive sides. She easily get touched and sometimes she cries watching a very sad movie. Also a fun fact, she is skillful on doing her own make up, she did her own makeup and haistyling on our mini collection campaign. Isn’t she great? and we will get to know her more now through the little chat.

Christmas is around the corner, how do you usually spend the holiday?

Taking a break, spending my time with my family. I think having a holiday is one of the most important routine. It can refresh our mood and we will be ready to start the routines with a more clear and fresh mind. It doesn’t have to be a long planned vacation abroad or going out of the city, just a simple staycation will do.

Just curious, how long do you know Pofeleve?

It was from my early career on my previous workplace. Starting as a radio announcer, my job requires me to look good and presentable. So, I switched my way of thinking that being big doesn’t mean that you are not beautiful and starts to find some new clothes to be added on my closet. 

I get to know Pofeleve from hashtag (laughs), like anyone else, #plussizedress and another plus size hashtag, anything and saw the post. I love the design, it suits my style. It’s simple, chic, dedicated for a niche market for plus size women, and the amount of followers is quite nice. So, that’s how I met Pofeleve.

What type of clothes that define you, is it casual, feminine, preppy, sexy, t-shirt and jeans, etc.?

I am more into the feminine side. A simple piece with a little twist is my favourite one and accessory is a must. If I wear a white shirt with pants or jeans, it has to be accessory on it.

What is your favourite piece from délices?

Sylvia Cardigan in Polkadot Gold, I love it

While you have so many activities everyday, how do you maintain you health and confidence?

I am an early-sleeper, almost never stayed up the night, the latest is around 10 pm I guess. Especially when I have to go to work in early morning. Sleeping earlier helps me to maintain my health. I also eat a lot of fruit, I rarely consume vitamins, and infused water is a must. I like the taste of lemons, thankfully I don’t have problem with my stomach so I can drink the infused water with lemons often. 

How about your confidence, how do you maintain it?

I always try to make the best version out of me, anytime, anywhere. I believe that everytime we go to a new place, meet with new people or my friends, it is a new scene of my life. We are in our own movie and there will always be surprises. I try it so I have less things to regret like “Ah, if only I greet her yesterday” or other ifs. Networking is really important for someone like Ankatama. I got a new friend, a new opportunity, a new surprise. Going to a supermarket or workplace, be flawsome. We are plus size women, but we maintain our health, our appeareance, our hygiene, and always the eyebrows have to be on point.

Encouraging words for the plus size women?

We have to believe that everyone has their own strength and every flaw can be turned into your advantages. Be grateful of what we have, see your own growth more rather than comparing yourself to others and you will be your own road, your own stage. Just enjoy the moment and you will be fine.

So, it is almost Christmas, how do you plan your Christmas Holiday? Stay at home having a Christmas dinner, exchanging gift with your friends and family, having an exciting long awaited trips, or you still have to work on holiday? Just remember that we are the main character of our own movie, so always be the best version of you and enjoy the moment. Keep the #pofeleveattitude right?

Have a nice holiday!

Hope your days be delightful and full of happiness