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Welcome to the first post of Pofeleve Journal. Yay! So, what is Pofeleve Journal? We call it POsitivity Journal, means Pofeleve Positivity Journal. We will share with you twice a month like what happen around us, tips and tricks or life hacks that you will need in the lifestyle, a story behind our new collection, and many other interesting things. 

This journal will be a media to share the positivity around us and of course, to keep the #pofeleveattitude that will always be our first principle. Keep healthy, positive, and keep loving yourself. The first story will be a throwback of our last event Pofeleve Soirée. It soon will be posted. So, stay tuned!

We would love to hear what you think about this journal and what would you like to know that we might be able to share with you. Please kindly contact us through

Have a great day, Thank you!