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On the last May 9th 2018, Pofeleve has joined the Social Media Darling which held by Itjeher and Fashion Action at Fashion Legacy, Lippo Mall Kemang. We are happy getting a chance to present our collections through a Trunk Show and one day pop up bazaar. There also some new pieces preview which will be available online today on! So, we are excited to share the moments with you here and stay tuned for the news to get more new pieces from Pofeleve’s Sublime Collection.

A great news! You can also find us offline soon on:

  • May 28th 2018 at Localstrunk Grand Indonesia for Sublime new summer collection
  • May 28th, 30th, 31st at Thamrin Nine Ballroom, UOB Plaza for the sale pieces which will be out of stock soon.

Save the date and see you on the next event!







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In the cozy Friday afternoon, through the looking glass doors, surrounded by lovely plants and warm looking candle lamp on the table, we held our second Pofeleve Soirée, the afternoon gathering for a cup of drink, snacks, conversation and fashion with different topic of discussion as the theme. A little bit different from our previous soirée, this time in commemoration of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, we are collaborating with Generasi Muda Peduli for a new three months charity project called Give for Gift. As the starting point, Pofeleve and Generasi Muda Peduli are inviting our friends and muse: Ms. Artini Asputri, Ms. Michelle Maryam, Ms. Jane Tahir, Mr. Mike, Mrs. Mimi Kwok, Mr. Yusuf, Mrs. Ankatama Ruyatna, Ms. Maria Juliana, Ms. Irna Rasad, and Ms. Kiara Flisha to introduce and discuss more about #GiveforGift. 

The event is started with an introduction from Mrs. Poppy Hanadhy, Mrs. Fe Utomo, and Mrs. Helen Bellina from Pofeleve. Introducing about Give for Gift, what is the objectives and how to participate in the event. Give for Gift is a charity event which is divided into 2 phases, the first phase is from May 11th until July 11th, which is the months of the blessed months, Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, and the second phase is July 11th until August 11th 2018 for to commemorate Indonesia’s Independence day as the continuation of the first phase. A portion of the earnings from Pofeleve’s online selling in the 3 months time period will be donated to help funding the 1000 Ruang Belajar program by Generasi Muda Peduli, which has the purpose to build 1000 standarized and comfortable for the rooms future young generations to study and learn across the Indonesia, supporting the children to have a better education, bringing them a step closer through their dreams. As the addition, Pofeleve also open for IDR 125.000 donation in exchange of one #giveforgift pendant, therefore 100% of the earnings from the limited pendant will be added to the donation too. To get the #giveforgift pendant you can click here 

Then, after a short introduction from the Give for Gift program, Ms. Cindy Ozzie from Generasi Muda Peduli shared some story behind the establishing of Generasi Muda Peduli as a foundation. Started with several volunteering activites by little group of young people, Generasi Muda Peduli was born for the purpose to build 1000 Ruang Belajar as the first step to end the vicious cycle which has hunted us from time to time in a long period, which leads us to poverty and unemployment. So, to break the cycle, Generasi Muda Peduli (GMP) is trying to attempt the 3 Pillars Solution which are divided into education, economic empowerment, and the health lifestyle. For the education part, in each rooms, which has been and will be built, there will be new tables, 150 reference books, a fan, a laptop, a basic art and craft supplies, and other things which is necessary in the learning process. She is grateful for the support from all the people who cares and has made GMP make a progress in realizing their first goal in ending the cycle. It’s still needs some time to built the 1000 rooms, but step by step, they believe that someday all the children in Indonesia will get a proper education either in formal or informal ways.

While small steps might not seems to bring a change in the society, but if together, we believe and hope that one small action can produce endless ripples of kindness, consciously or unconsciously to all around us, Thank you for your support and we hope that #giveforgift will be a good start for Pofeleve in helping others who need a hand.

Give for Gift has been launched, and it can’t be possible without helps from Generasi Muda Peduli as a great partner for this program and Kis 95.1 FM as Media Partner. Also we got some support from our friends from Ilitho Press, Serasa Coffeetaria, Tandamata Apps, Pourie, Coalesce oils, Mars & Marion, and all of our muses and customers who made this possible. A big gratitude from us. Thank you.

Kindest Regards,






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IT’S SUMMER TIME! Get your shades on, be ready for Summer when the sun shines the brightest, bringing us the happy mood all day long. When we are talking about summer, what comes in mind are the sun, beaches, popsicles, floaties, shaved ice, flip flops, glasses, parasols, and also some new clothes! Be prepared for the excitement and joy of the Summer, because in this May, we come back with a new summer collection: Sublime. This collection will be divided into several phases, portraying the several phases of the season. So, here comes, the first phase.


The first phase - Collection Highlight

 It’s the beginning of the season, so smell of spring is still there, but we are starting to feel the Summer Breeze. Therefore in this phase, the stripe makes a comeback, also with the line details. Also we can start to feel Summer through the color, the color of the bright sky, blue; the color of the sand on the beach, khaki and cream; and also the color of the red cheeks in nude, pink blush, and rose blush color. Here is a list of the collection highlight to help you know this collection better. Are you ready?


The Lines

Line details are back in the collection. Emphasizing the shape of the clothes, decorating the empty spaces, lines are a great choice for an active summer activities. The repetitive lines, stripes, also back in this season. Well, we can’t imagine the summer without stripes right? Especially when it comes in blue and nude colors. Check out the collection with lines embellishment here

Also, when talking about lines, for the bottoms, track pants surely comes in our mind. If you like our best selling Tracy Pants from Frente Collection, you might love the new track pants, Trixie Pants. It comes with the same rubber belt on the waist, but with a side list detail. It’s also comes handy when you want to pair it with any clothes, such as a simple graphic tee to the semi-formal Shanice Blazer.

The line up: Prilly Shirt in Pink Blush & Cream, Trixie Pants in Black & Rose Blush, Jena Dress in Nude Stripes, Mimosa Blouse in Navy Stripes, Misha Blouse in Black  & Ivory

The Skirt

Nothing better to wear in the summer other than the flow maxi skirt paired with a simple top and completed with a comfy flip flops. The perfect pair for this Summer Getaway casual looks. Especially when it comes in stripes! Check out the stripes skirt, with the comfortable cotton fabric as the material and the adjustable drawstring in the waist, Claude Skirt on


The Black jumpsuit
When wearing dress doesn’t complement your style, try wearing Jumpsuit as another option besides wearing a pair of top and bottom all the time. Especially when it comes in black, how can we resist wearing it. Try Lindza Jumpsuit in Black for this summer. This clean, tailored silhouette will help you to look taller and the cotton rayon material will help you to be comfortable in your every move.

The Blazer
It’s been a long time since we had our last blazer in the collection and now this semi-formal piece is making a come back in the Sublime Collection. Isn’t it great? Let us introduce you to the long awaited Shanice Blazer. It comes in two colors, the classic black and the sweet rose blush. You can wear this versatile non button blazer for work to play, from day to night with no worries by pairing it with the right accompaniment. It even looks nice when we paired it with the track pants (Trixie Pants) in the same color shades. Let’s take a look here


Now, are you ready for the summer getaway? Get in the new mood with some new clothes to make your holiday even better. Pack the things and we are ready for the sweet escape! Have a nice day!








What to Wear on Valentine's Day and CNY?

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Hello February!

Are you ready for this mid-month long awaited annual moments?

This month we are celebrating two big days, as what we do every year. Valentine’s Day on Feb 14th and Lunar New Year on Feb 16th. Did you believe that, and it’s only less than a week to prepare on what to wear on those days! So, here is a list of our recommendations according to the events which might help you ready on the D-day. Steal the look, get inspired, and explore it the way you want because fashion is limitless and you are the boss of yourself, right? Now let’s get started!

The Valentine’s Day Out

Who says that Valentine’s day has to be celebrated only by lovebirds and couples? You and your BFFs can do that too, set a date, book a place, and have a fine brunch and chat, exchanging gifts or chocolate, exploring new place, anything. While doing all of that are fun, sometimes the dress code might be a problem. Something casual will do, but as Valentine’s Day is the main theme, a little bit twist to our usual style might be a great idea to try. 

What we recommend:

Leslie Dress in Pink Stripes

Deena Blouse in Nude, Angelina Blouse in Salem, Naila Dress in Etaupe, Merida Blouse in Salem, Aurelia Blouse in Red Wine

Movie Date/ Amusement Park Date

All of us might agree that something too fancy or too casual is a big no when it comes to a dress code for some dates. Do not wear heels that too high, which can be a problem when going up the stairs or doing too much walk if you are not comfortable with it. Comfortness is one of the key point in this case.

What we recommend:

Tiana Blouse in Peach

Leslie Dress in Mustard, Naima Blouse in Pink Stripes, Sylvia Cardigan in Peach, Deena Blouse in Black

Special Dinner

Formal clothes like dress is one of the best choice for this ocassion and you can wear the dress on other soccasions like weddings,gatherings, or parties, yes quite an investment to have. Even though you are not the type to wear dress on your daily basis, you might need these dresses for some special occasions last minute style saver.

What we recommend:

Belle Dress in Nude, Esmeralda Dress in Ivory, Selena Dress in Black, Selena Dress in Salem, Whitney Dress in Nude


Chinese New Year

When we are talking about CNY, the color red is the first one that comes in mind. The lucky color that brings up the good fortune and luck, the color of prosperity. This year is the year of Earth Dog, Let’s welcome it with warmth and excitement! 

What we recommend:

Alternatives: Margie Cheongsam in Navy, Karen Blouse in Red, Pippa Blouse in Red, Sylvia Cardigan in Red Flower

Hope this list can help you to decide what to wear on Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year. Don’t forget you can order them the latest Feb 9th* for it to safely arrived on your door before the D-day. Wish you have a lovely days! 

*3-4 days delivery






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The rain stops, the spring is coming, and here we are presenting you with our new Spring 2018 Collection, FRENTE. This collection came with vibrant colors like red, mustard, and navy for expressing the excitement of prosperous new season, and also it comes with softer color choice such as pink, ivory, and nude as the representation of the Blooming Spring.

Then… of course, a new season means new clothes to wear!


Wondering what’s new is coming in this collection? Also, oh, the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s are coming, what should I wear? Nothing to wear? No worries, we got your back!

  • Margie Cheongsam

    Sometimes, we do want to dress differently to celebrate special moments. So, in this Lunar New Year, why not give Margie Cheongsam in Red and Navy a try? This casual oriental dress is surely reminds us of the traditional qipao with its iconic mandarin collar, but it was designed slightly loose to make it more comfortable to move in and plus size friendly, because “not too baggy and not too tight” is a kind of magic sentence to be reminded always.

    Take a quick look : Margie Cheongsam in Red, Margie Cheongsam in Navy

  • Mustard is Back!

    Spring is the moment of colors, get more space for brighter color like Mustard in your closet besides your black collection of clothes. As one of the versatile color, we can easily pair it with blue, navy, black, ivory, brown, even green. This happy Mustard color will blends well with your closet, make it easier to mixed and matched with your black pants, navy jacket, or green earrings. Do wear colors when it’s springs and it somehow might lift up your mood unexpectedly for the day. Try it!

    What's in Mustard:  Leslie Dress, Savy Shirt, Naima Top, Tracy Pants 

  • Athleisure Touch

    Hoodie and Track pants are common to wear when we want to do some exercise like a morning run. Then how about we make them more casual so we can wear them anytime we want without looking too sporty? Check out the new arrivals from Frente, Harley Blouse, it comes with the hoodie on the back and line on the sleeve which surely will be fit to wear when we want to dress comfortably. Also a pair of track pants will surely comes in mind when we are talking about the sporty look. Therefore, Tracy Pants is worth a glance if you want a casual sporty look in this Spring Season. FYI, it comes with a full rubber on the waist and comes with 2 color choices.

    Check them out: Harley Blouse in Ivory, Harley Blouse in Black, Tracy Pants in Navy-Mustard, Tracy Pants in Black-White

  • The Feminine

    Soft pink and nude colors always successfully caught our heart when we are talking about Valentine’s Day. The season of love and care, the season of kindness. While Pink is also the color of spring, it is easily make itself in the list of the Frente Collection Highlight with addition of ribbons, ruffles, or puffy sleeve on the design.

    More Feminine Pieces: Leslie Dress, Deena Top in Nude, Reggie Shirt in Nougat, Naima Top in Pink Stripes

That’s all what’s new from Frente Collection! Let’s welcome the Spring, welcome the February with excitement, love, and joy. Wish you a prosperous Lunar New Year and Sweet Valentine’s Day ahead!

Thank you for all your support and Have a nice day!





Ankatama, Be The Best Version Out of You

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Going to work on the Weekdays, especially in Jakarta, a traffic jam is not really an unusual sight. Starting every days with traffic might not be the best idea, but we just get used to it. Listening to radio is one of the best way to enjoy the traffics. You can gain information such as news, trivias, listening to your favourite music to brighten your mood, or get entertained by the fun jokes from the radio announcers. This time, we got a chance to have a chat about style, health, confidence, and many other things with the inspiring lady, Ankatama, which you may heard her cheerful voice greets you in the morning from the radio. 

Born with full name, Ankatama Ruyatna, this Aries lady who loves monochrome and pastel color is a mother, a wife, radio announcer, master of ceremony, voice over talent, and also a social media influencer. Watching her instagram page you will see a beautiful, bold, and cheerful lady who love jokes. However, who knows that Mrs. Ankatama has her own soft and sensitive sides. She easily get touched and sometimes she cries watching a very sad movie. Also a fun fact, she is skillful on doing her own make up, she did her own makeup and haistyling on our mini collection campaign. Isn’t she great? and we will get to know her more now through the little chat.

Christmas is around the corner, how do you usually spend the holiday?

Taking a break, spending my time with my family. I think having a holiday is one of the most important routine. It can refresh our mood and we will be ready to start the routines with a more clear and fresh mind. It doesn’t have to be a long planned vacation abroad or going out of the city, just a simple staycation will do.

Just curious, how long do you know Pofeleve?

It was from my early career on my previous workplace. Starting as a radio announcer, my job requires me to look good and presentable. So, I switched my way of thinking that being big doesn’t mean that you are not beautiful and starts to find some new clothes to be added on my closet. 

I get to know Pofeleve from hashtag (laughs), like anyone else, #plussizedress and another plus size hashtag, anything and saw the post. I love the design, it suits my style. It’s simple, chic, dedicated for a niche market for plus size women, and the amount of followers is quite nice. So, that’s how I met Pofeleve.

What type of clothes that define you, is it casual, feminine, preppy, sexy, t-shirt and jeans, etc.?

I am more into the feminine side. A simple piece with a little twist is my favourite one and accessory is a must. If I wear a white shirt with pants or jeans, it has to be accessory on it.

What is your favourite piece from délices?

Sylvia Cardigan in Polkadot Gold, I love it

While you have so many activities everyday, how do you maintain you health and confidence?

I am an early-sleeper, almost never stayed up the night, the latest is around 10 pm I guess. Especially when I have to go to work in early morning. Sleeping earlier helps me to maintain my health. I also eat a lot of fruit, I rarely consume vitamins, and infused water is a must. I like the taste of lemons, thankfully I don’t have problem with my stomach so I can drink the infused water with lemons often. 

How about your confidence, how do you maintain it?

I always try to make the best version out of me, anytime, anywhere. I believe that everytime we go to a new place, meet with new people or my friends, it is a new scene of my life. We are in our own movie and there will always be surprises. I try it so I have less things to regret like “Ah, if only I greet her yesterday” or other ifs. Networking is really important for someone like Ankatama. I got a new friend, a new opportunity, a new surprise. Going to a supermarket or workplace, be flawsome. We are plus size women, but we maintain our health, our appeareance, our hygiene, and always the eyebrows have to be on point.

Encouraging words for the plus size women?

We have to believe that everyone has their own strength and every flaw can be turned into your advantages. Be grateful of what we have, see your own growth more rather than comparing yourself to others and you will be your own road, your own stage. Just enjoy the moment and you will be fine.

So, it is almost Christmas, how do you plan your Christmas Holiday? Stay at home having a Christmas dinner, exchanging gift with your friends and family, having an exciting long awaited trips, or you still have to work on holiday? Just remember that we are the main character of our own movie, so always be the best version of you and enjoy the moment. Keep the #pofeleveattitude right?

Have a nice holiday!

Hope your days be delightful and full of happiness






A Month of Happiness & Joy, Délices

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Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Let your heart be light 

Hurrayyy!!! Mother’s day, Christmas, and New Year are around the corner. As the month of celebrations we decided that we need to do something with that and a mini collection of joy, called délices, is here freshly arrived on the website. There are 8 pieces with 4 designs of tops, dresses, and outers to have you celebrate the special moments. The colors of bordeaux, white, silver, gold, red, and peach will really suits the theme. What makes this mini collection more special is that we are having an inspiring lady, Ankatama, as our Muse! You might be familiar with her cheerful greetings in the morning on your way to work or you might have seen some of her photos on our instagram page, or you have known her from other things. However, what inspires us the most is that she proves to us that you are yourself and what sizes you are will not defines who you are. 

So, let’s enjoy the end the 2017 with smiles, joy, and (might be) some new clothes to end the year happily to starts the new day in the month after. Also, find an extra add ons to your cart from our IDR 100.000 Year End Sale and up to 20% for Pofeleve X Ucita Pohan to pamper yourself more. Wish you have a great time with your family, friends, and colleagues that dear to you. We wish you Happy Mother’s Day, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year ahead! #pofeleveattitude